Software and Technology for Modern Companies

We help you find the perfect solution to technology problems with consulting, software development and training. Passionate, open to technology and solution-oriented.

A picture of the founders of schnaq Consulting / schnaq GmbH. All three are looking into the camera and are smiling. In the foreground you can see a laptop on a table.

With experience and commitment

We see ourselves as a boutique for high quality solutions without compromise. All projects are managed by senior employees, as we bring years of experience from a wide range of fields.

Our software engineers have completed projects in a dozen languages for a wide variety of systems. So we can always help in software development to choose the best architecture and the best tool for the required solution. Whether pure software or with hardware, we stand for holistic solutions.

schnaq Consulting's founders have collectively trained thousands of students in areas such as professional software development, networking, and application and cybersecurity. Passing on our knowledge in a didactically smart way is in our DNA.


Our portfolio is versatile. We are happy to help you solve your problems. Find here an overview of our topics.

  • Software development

    For us, it gets personal when it comes to software. We love optimized, tested and documented software and we also like to produce it.

  • Technology Consulting

    We want to know where the root of a problem lies, so that we can use our concentrated knowledge to solve the problem. Modern problems require modern technologies.

  • Training and knowledge transfer

    We are not only software developers, but also experienced lecturers. Several teaching awards and nominations can't lie!

  • Infrastructure and hosting

    Hosting, multicloud, Kubernetes, Docker, networking. We got it all. Our specialty is setting up data protection-compliant European cloud services.

  • Automation and hardware

    Whether the software needs to communicate with a height-adjustable table, or with special industrial machines, we help software to connect with bare metal.

  • Product development

    schnaq Consulting is a spin-off from schnaq GmbH. We have already been through the process: From the idea, through business requirements to the finished product and quickly get any digital product on track.

How can we help?


We have already worked for many companies. Here you can find some sample projects.

  • In the middle is a smartphone showing the question view of the schnaq app. To the left and right are screenshots of the schnaq application, showing how participants can easily join in.

    Fullstack E-Learning Software-as-a-Service

    The schnaq app helps to conduct interactive (teaching) events in a privacy-compliant and data-saving manner. The app is optimized for all common devices from desktop to tablets to smartphones and has a focus on ease of use. Hosted on European cloud servers, the service is fail-safe and scalable

    Services provided:

    • Software Architecture Design
    • Fullstack-Development
    • Creation of AI Microservices
    • Design and creation of a Cloud-Infrastructure
    • UI + UX Design
  • A Screenshot from the game in retro graphics where a height-adjustable table tries to avoid obstacles like mailboxes and signs.

    Interactive browser games

    ODYN GmbH needed interesting browser games for the relaunch of its LeetDesk brand website. The goal was to increase the time spent on the new website with the games and to reward the exploration of the various subpages. The games should match the CI and be kept in a retro style. The basis for this was ClojureScript, JavaScript and WebGL.

    Services provided:

    • Programming of browser based 2D games
    • Technology Consulting
    • Performance optimization of the games
    • Art direction and graphics design
  • An iPhone lying on a table. Next to it, a pair of headphones.

    Native iOS and Android Apps

    ODYN GmbH develops height-adjustable gaming tables that adapt to the needs of the users. The LeetDesk app allows the users to control the tables and receive recommendations for ergonomic working / gaming. The app was developed natively by us and communicates via a dongle with table. The app will be released in spring 2023.

    Services provided:

    • Software Design
    • Hardware based development with iOS and Android apps
    • Consulting and problem solving
    • Close feedback loops with the customer
  • The Faya logo is shown on the left side of the image. On the right side, a smartphone displays the Faya app.

    Flutter: An app for all platforms

    The startup Faya UG develops apps for nightlife. The Faya app allows users to learn about events and buy tickets. We completed the app and it was released in June 2023. We provided complete technical guidance and implemented the app with Flutter.

    Services provided:

    • Development of the Flutter application
    • Design and implementation of a scalable backend
    • Installation of necessary cloud infrastructure (servers, databases, Firebase, ...)
    • Support from founding the company to releasing the app
  • You can see a professional camera and a Raspberry Pi computer. The logo of the Python programming language is emblazoned in the center.

    IoT: Lasers + Cameras + Raspberry

    For Plutos Company UG, different cameras had to be controlled. The goal was to create images and videos with different image settings when light barriers were interrupted. The project was implemented in Python using Raspberry Pis and successfully went live in the desired environment. These circuits are in use worldwide in water and amusement parks, for example.

    Services provided:

    • Development of camera control software
    • Development of software for automatic upload of images
    • Creation of customized environment for the Raspberry Pi
    • Prototyping of simple transistor circuits
    • Advice on technical options
  • A screenshot of the website of the physiotherapy practice Gebhardt and Schrader.

    Web Development

    We are familiar with modern tools for web development. Physiotherapy practice Gebhardt und Schrader Physiotherapie GbR had the need for a new web presence to better present their services. We implemented the website using modern technologies such as React and Next.js and optimized the website for search engines.

    Services provided:

    • Design Sprint for joint conceptualization
    • Development of a design that suits the client
    • Website development using React and Next.js
    • Hosting and deployment of the website
  • A picture of some notebooks on a table

    CTO as a Service

    Young companies in particular often lack technical expertise in their ventures. We are very experienced in dealing with startups and new products and help you make the right technical decisions. We have participated in several accelerator programs ourselves and know how the initial phase in a company works.

    These companies trust in our expertise

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